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Pregnancy Scans

3D/4D Pregnancy Bonding Ultrasound Scan

26 - 36 weeks gestation


£3o deposit
48hours cancellation notice

Our 3D/4D scans aim to obtain 3D images and 4D footage of your baby.

3D ultrasound can capture lifelike images of your baby .The  4D ultrasound scan will give you a detailed view of your baby moving around in real time. These scans use a similar level of intensity as 2D ultrasound scans.

We advise all of our clients to inform their GP/Healthcare provider of their intention of having a private ultrasound scan with us. We advise all our clients to take the written report of the ultrasound scan back to their GP or Healthcare provider.

  • A written report with ultrasound growth measurements of the baby.
  • A CD with multiple images 3D will be provided.
  • A DVD with moving clips in 2D/4D.
  • Printed 2D/3D images in a sleeve.
  • We also estimate the fetal weight and can reconfirm the gender if requested.